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"Stop Talking Opposite Programming ~Intend Transformation!"

Stop It!!!

What we say to ourselves can make or break us!   We fall into patterns of dialogue that not only doesn't help the situation it makes it worse.   After listening to client after client describe their situations in terms that actually lock the situation in place.   Such as .  "I'm just tired all the time.   I have no energy!  No matter what I do this just keeps happening."   I decided that to play with my group on Facebook to start to listen to what we are saying and use some of my  mental programming techniques to help us  stop saying these things to ourselves. 

Sign  up for free!  And you will receive  21 emails with short Youtube videos reminding us to watch the words we say to ourselves!   For those of other languages, the emails have the same message as the video but slightly changed to make them entertaining  for those receiving them in English.  You can then (as I assume you are doing here,) Translate them and play along.

Once you sign up, watch for the confirmation page to come to your email.   Check the spam folder or  the "Promotional folder" if you have one.   Then  simply move the emails to your main box and you  will begin to receive one email a day for twenty one days.   These are meant to be gentle reminders to notice what you are saying to yourself.     You can unsubscribe at any time.   

Once you've signed up, You can use the link above to join the Stop It Facebook group and share your results with us.  This is a support group who are talking about the things they are noticing and having fun with the process.   Hope to see you there.  ~ ​Amy Jo