Due to an overflow of activity I am not taking any one on one appointments at this time.   I quickly realized that most people are dealing with different circumstances caused by similar issues and my one on one sessions were beginning to feel methodical as I plodded through the same material call after call.    

Using the information gathered from 400 sessions in the last few months I have created classes to do in small groups.   

 Also, I encourage you to join my Facebook Group. It is a highly active group of people who are not only sharing their results they are asking questions and learning together.   New uses of the material are constantly being discussed.   

Also visit my Blog at www.amyjoellis.com  "Coffee With God"  Where I post all my newest messages.

I will be updating you through the email address you purchased your booklet through, with any conference calls and video sessions I will be devising in the future to answer questions on a larger and faster scale!  

Group Classes