Group Classes

In the last few months I have worked with well over 400 different people.   I quickly realized that most people are dealing with similar issues even though their circumstances seem completely different.

Using the information gathered from these 400 + sessions  I have created classes that will allow me to assist several people at a time in small groups.   

This will cut down the wait time for people to get to me, as well as free me up to do some channeling, which let's face it, is what I really need to be doing.  It's where all this information is coming from. 

​I'd like to encourage you to join my Facebook Group "Court of Atonement. It is a highly active group of people who are not only sharing their results they are asking questions and learning together.   New uses of the material are constantly being discussed.   

Also visit my Blog at  "Coffee With God"  Where I post all my newest messages.