Level 2 Intermediate
​Pendulum & Muscle Testing

Live Class:    This class will begin working with charts that are specially made to use with the Court of Atonement.   We will be learning how to formulate questions and find any hidden conflicts between family members.   

This class is a prerequisite for Practitioners Certification.
If you do not have any experience with pendulums or Muscle Testing,  I suggest starting with the Beginning Class.   If you are already proficient in using a pendulum this is your point to jump in.   

The replay videos count toward certification.  ~ $25


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Beginning Pendulum & Muscle Testing

Healing Your Relationship With Money
​Jan 31 1pm Pacific Time

I have finally learned what was going on in my own life with money and everything is so much easier.  I am sure that it is different for everyone, but I intend to teach you what I have learned.  Techniques and tricks to assist with getting you on a better relationship with money.​
Dowsers this is a different approach then we will use. but there will probably be some overlapping of information

The Need For Retaliation   
This is a special way of using the Court of Atonement to clear up some of the denser energies that  seem to linger and are harder than most to get to clear.   This is because the energy we are working on is one that we  hide even from ourselves.    We want to put an end to the  treatment or abuse and so we replay the events over and over in the back of our thoughts.    
It doesn't feel like we want retaliation because we think it means revenge.   Spirit has a different meaning.  "Calculated strike to put an end to it!"   $25

Level Three Pendulum & Muscle Testing

                                Money Freedom

          In this weeks class we will be working on using the Pendulum and a Chart of possible money issues, combined with FCOA's  To free up this energy. 
We will investigate where the combine groups money issues might be coming from...  Unhealed issues over inheritance, Taxes, repossessions, business failures etc.  

We will be using dowsing charts specially made to work with these energies and how to find the cause of money issues which can also be the very same conflict behind mysterious illnesses such as pain, rashes, inflammation, etc.    $25

Jan 28th 11am Pacific Time

This continues to be one of the most popular classes.   Amy Jo uses what she has learned from working with over 450 individual clients to assist you in releasing conflicts that are coming to you by way of your ancestors and linked directly to your name!   $25

Magic of Alignment Video

​There is a lot more going on than meets the eye. Sometimes we are consciously wanting to get things done, yet feel a huge lack of energy toward completing what we intend to do. This resistance can be coming from another level of consciousness. The body might want something different than what the conscious mind wants, or what the heart wants. 
Learn how to communicate with these levels of consciousness and how to get them all open and willing to create your conscious desires!

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Embryonic Energy Interference

Do you feel unloved and unwanted by your family? Is there a feeling of being unheard, and overlooked? As a healer do you have problems healing yourself? If so there is a high possibility that you have Embryonic Interference.
This Wednesday I offering an online zoom class and discussing how I discovered this energy and what we (Spirit and I) have discovered about how to “Resolve” it. I will be sending out a handout that outlines the way to use the Court Of Atonement to resolve it. Along with Abraham’s instructions on how best to apply it to cover the most people quickly. Feb 5th at Noon Pacific Standard Time
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Lift Your Emotions

Did you know that emotions are a choice?   When we know our emotional favorites, we can go in and do some cool tricks to alleviate the trauma  and elevate the mood.     This class comes with an 8 page booklet that has my compiled list of emotions so you can work on yourself at length. 290+ positive emotions and 350 negatives.   

House Clearing
I learned how to clear a house from a spirit guide named Flo.  I  had agreed to house sit for 6 weeks for a friend and found myself staying in a VERY HAUNTED HOUSE.. 
To clear the house I channeled a guide and pretty much watched myself go through the steps to clear a home.  It turned out that the house was built on one of USA's bloodiest battle fields and I had arrived the day after Halloween! 
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INSTANT ACCESS!!!   This will be the first of a series of classes on pendulum. We will be working on basic understanding and principles of how and why pendulums respond. Knowing how to muscle test and or use a pendulum with accuracy, is going to be a part of being certified as a practitioner. So if you do not know how to do these simple processes then this class is a starting point toward certification.   $25 

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Instant  Access Videos

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Pendulum & Muscle Testing

This instant access video is for people who already understand the basics but would like to know more ways of using their skills and strengthen their connection and  accuracy.    It is building upon the basics and tuning us into the frequency that best aligns with divine truth.