By popular demand the long awaited

 Court of Atonement

Enhancing Your Life



using the

  • Why we use the full name
  • Grounding our Energy
  • Understanding the Soul
  • Embryonic Interference
  • Relationship issues
  • Clearing Your Name
  • Clearing Your heart

Enhancing Your Life
~ Court of Atonement ~

The idea behind writing booklets instead of a full book, is to give you usable amounts of information in small digestible chunks. 

These booklets are designed to be quick easy to read material that you can return to time and time again.  


The Court of Atonement is extremely new.  However, In only 6 months time Amy Jo worked with 480 different clients and this has given her some great insights into some of the common problems that people encounter when they are working on themselves.  

"We might have different stories but they are all the same issues!"  

This booklet is only be 28 pages long but it is jam packed full of information!