The Court of Atonement

What her students have to say about it: 

Ken ~ “ My family was about as close as the guests on the Jerry Springer show, except it had gotten so bad, no one had spoken for almost 10 years.   Shortly after a Court of Atonement was called,  I received birthday wishes from each and every member of my family. Now, we are all talking again, and all of the disagreements of the past have disappeared and there is no mention of it. 

Amanda ~   “Years ago a friend and I had a falling out and we lost contact for over 3 years. I always thought it was such a shame to loose her friendship over what I believed was a small disagreement. I decided to put her soul and my soul into a Court of Atonement. I woke up the next morning to find she had sent me a friend request on Facebook!” 

Anonymous ~ “Your court of atonement is astounding! I put my father in a Court of Atonement with all of us kids regarding his alcoholism. He came to me a few days later and told me how a man had befriended him at a party and told him his life story. The man had been an alcoholic and spoke about how hard it was for his family. My father said, “ “This man was really an inspiration for me. I saw myself in his story and I am turning over a new leaf. I have to apologize to you kids. I had no idea how hard my drinking has been on you.”” Six months later he is still sober.”

Amy Jo Ellis

Author of the Court of Atonement

(This can be done on the fly but is even more effective when given a few extra minutes of quiet reverence.)

First: Take a moment to realize that intention is everything in this life.  Hold firm in your mind that you have the power of the universe at your disposal.

Second: Think of someone you are at odds with, living or deceased.  Hold that person in your mind. 

Third:   "I am placing the souls of _____________ and _________ into a Full Court of Atonement!  I ask that the energy between us (or them) be healed on the astral plane! If there are any other souls who need to be present in order to clear this matter, I ask that they too be called forth and escorted into this Full Court of Atonement, so that this matter may be cleared in the astral plane.   Thank you for your assistance with this healing.”        

I have called Courts of Atonements between friends who were arguing, relatives who have passed, people I have lost touch with.  I also call courts of Atonements between strangers I pass who are arguing on the street.   The possibilities are endless.   

The Court of Atonement can help heal families with relatives who are no longer living.  It can also help to heal those that are struggling with illness or addiction.  You may simply ask to put the soul of your loved one into a court of atonement with their agitator such as the spirit of alcoholism, the spirit of Cancer or the soul of a loved one long passed. 

After calling a Court of Atonement, you may never hear another word about it; the problem may simply dissolve.   However, my family and my friends who have requested Courts of Atonement have all witnessed incredible results in a very short time.    

Amy Jo Ellis 



This 22 page booklet is changing peoples lives.   When Amy Jo first was guided to call a Court of Atonement it worked so well she thought it must have been a coincidence and dismissed it.    The second time she was directed to use it, everyone in the household noticed something had changed!